Learn Web Design

More easily, with WordPress and Elementor

Web development is complicated, code-intensive, and requires numerous pre-requisite skills. But you can build beautiful web pages without all the technical knowledge by using some modern tools.

This course uses:

  • WordPress: the web’s most popular CMS (content management system),
  • OceanWP: a powerful, flexible WordPress Theme, and
  • Elementor: a free, powerful page builder plugin for WordPress

Shortcutting the more technical aspects of web development, this curriculum focuses first on design, and moves into more advanced areas like hosting once confidence in page-building is achieved.

All the tools and resources used in this curriculum are free, so you can learn and experiment unlimited.

To get started, follow along with the Quickstart Guide video below. This video will guide you through setting up your very own WordPress development environment using LocalWP, complete with OceanWP and Elementor in five minutes.

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Page Design Tutorials

Now that Elementor is installed and ready choose one of the videos below to learn how to use Elementor to craft web pages. Follow along on your LocalWP website to build the featured content.

And don’t forget to save often by clicking either Publish, or Save Draft in the bottom of the Elementor menu on the left of the page.

Trace: WCLovers.com Home Page

1hr 24m | Intermediate

part 1

part 2

part 3

More coming soon.

Do you have a page or site you would like to see traced with Elementor?
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