Hard to Starboard!

I know I said we'd be back in a week to review the results of our survey and corroborate a solution but there's little doubt that all the responses are in and also Netflix has wasted no time in booting members from the service and time is of the essence. So, let's look at the results: Ship's crew voted Netflix and Youtube TV as clear favorites,…

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2023: State of the Ship

Ahoy mateys! This is your captain speaking, It's been a while coming but the winds of change have finally blown across the sails of our beloved ship and it's time to take account of our passage and revisit the terms of our accord. In the time since our last State of the Ship the streaming services have raised their subscription fees, as little as 12% (Youtube…

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Anonymous: “We have the Kremlin cameras.”

If Anon can do it, then we're at phase 2 of the inevitability concerning government monitoring. If it can be accessed it can be logged. I wonder how many years of video from within the Kremlin, the White House, the offices of power across the world are stored in the drives of remote intelligence agencies. How long till they all leak? https://v.redd.it/fxlqmnbrtwr81

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Protected: Notes

First session of therapy with Dan today. He suggested that after I take notes. So here it is. So far we're fixated on the fight that took place on Halloween, which, while a big deal, doesn't really approach the root of the toxicity between Ash and I. Two nights before we had the same fight about the cats. Where Ash defended me from something I didn't…

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