Anonymous: “We have the Kremlin cameras.”

If Anon can do it, then we're at phase 2 of the inevitability concerning government monitoring. If it can be accessed it can be logged. I wonder how many years of video from within the Kremlin, the White House, the offices of power across the world are stored in the drives of remote intelligence agencies. How long till they all leak?

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Protected: Notes

First session of therapy with Dan today. He suggested that after I take notes. So here it is. So far we're fixated on the fight that took place on Halloween, which, while a big deal, doesn't really approach the root of the toxicity between Ash and I. Two nights before we had the same fight about the cats. Where Ash defended me from something I didn't…

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Protected: Totality

Tonight I talked to Mike again. I've told him about the fight and everything that happened on Wednesday after DnD. I told him even what you thought about him and me. And even why it was valid that you thought that. And I told him like, obviously... absolutely not and... no offense? I guess? He took it really well. I was surprised actually how little it…

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The Greatest Patriot

The patriots are the bravest, and the rarest. The greater the patriotism, the fewer their numbers. The patriots are united in that out of all of its people- they love their nation most, and have always been the minority. For a patriot: the nation they love is the greatest nation. Greater than any of the rest, maybe greater than all the rest together. There is no…

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