The Shell Cartel

Guess who was in their first mass shooting? The shooter, total amateur, he missed. You don't get points for trying here. Besides everyone knows you're supposed to wait till he's in a school. Fall of 2012, you know where you were, year and a half since the tornado. And the world was about to end because the Mayans said, and obviously uh… that did not happen,…

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The Tale of Robert Jordan

How many in this room have ever been arrested? Less than I thought I'll be honest. Last year I got my first DUI and it didn't go great. Obviously. I wasn't that drunk, but I think I made it worse because I kinda challenged the arresting officer, which… don't do that. The average police officer is challenged enough as it is. As I was being arrested…

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The Precendent for Low IQ Police

Is it true that an applicant can be rejected from working as a police officer because they test too high on an IQ test? I'm referring to an anecdotal case where a person applied to be police tested too high on the IQ, was rejected sued the police was rejected again therefore setting a precedent the police can reject for this reason. ChatGPT Yes, it is…

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Some of You May Die

The trolley problem. It's a thought experiment there's a trolley coming down the tracks and just ahead, tied to the tracks there are five people. They can't escape, can't move, all they can do is watch the trolley on its way to kill them. Just before though there's a fork in the tracks, and a switch to control it. In this thought experiment you're at the…

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YouTube ReVanced

This post will explain how to install and use YouTube Revanced on your Android phone. But first, what is YouTube ReVanced and why would you want that? Today, the YouTube app is plagued by ads artificial constraints, such as the inability to listen to content while the phone screen is turned off, or download videos to your device. Each of these 'features' is designed by YouTube…

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To Joe and Shirley

Hello Joe and Shirley, I received your letter. I was raised in a protestant Christian household, and through my life have always been surrounded by believers. I noticed early that even among Biblical adherents, there are an enormous diversity of theologies and ideologies. But despite this we are unified in a few key beliefs. Off all the universe there is a greatest, and highest. He created…

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The Exploitative Ceiling

In the mechanics of supply and demand, demand represents the exploitative ceiling for producers. Within the profit motive there are two factors: supply side diversity, and consumer sentiment, serving as the natural checks to consumer exploitation. Exploitative offers can be mitigated by supply-side competition by providing increased and uncolluded supply sources (supply diversity). But supply diversity only limits exploitative capacity if it can match or outpace…

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Streaming Keys – Galleon Plus/Gold

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Streaming Keys – Galleon Basic

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