YouTube ReVanced

This post will explain how to install and use YouTube Revanced on your Android phone. But first, what is YouTube ReVanced and why would you want that?

Today, the YouTube app is plagued by ads artificial constraints, such as the inability to listen to content while the phone screen is turned off, or download videos to your device. Each of these ‘features’ is designed by YouTube to incentivize users to purchase premium services, what a bummer.

ReVanced is a patch framework that enables you to remove these constraints and use YouTube app the way that it was always intended to be, for free. There are a few steps and it will feel complicated, but a little patience and this guide will get you through it. Remember this guide is for ANDROID PHONES ONLY.

  1. Download RevancedManager (<-clicky) and install. (You may need click to install software from unverified sources or software that with potential risk etc etc)
  2. Download VancedMicroG and install. (Same as above.)
  3. Download Youtube v18.23.35 APK (but this you do not need to install)
  4. Open Revanced Manager (its in your big apps list now) and authorize the requested permissions.
  5. Then in the Revanced Manager, in the bottom menu select Patches option > Then select Application.
  6. Select
  7. Locate the Youtube v18.23.35 apk in your phone downloads, you should be able to sort (near top) by recent files and this should bring the apk to the front. Select this file and run the patcher.
  8. Install the patched APK. You’ll see a progressing list of instructions being completed in the background, this will take some time, but when finished the app will give you the ability to install the patched APK.
  9. Authorize installation and submit through warnings (the system will warn you that Google will cry if you try to install this software but the government says they have to allow you authority over your own device which you have paid for so if you insist here is a button hidden in a dropdown that will let you continue to install it anyway so click through all of that.)
  10. Use YouTube Revanced! Once installation is complete you can close all of that and check your phones app list for an app called YouTube ReVanced. This is YouTube with additional authority layer which disables ads, enables playback while the screen is disabled, and lots of other quality of life changes. Enjoy!