Hard to Starboard!

I know I said we’d be back in a week to review the results of our survey and corroborate a solution but there’s little doubt that all the responses are in and also Netflix has wasted no time in booting members from the service and time is of the essence. So, let’s look at the results:

Ship’s crew voted Netflix and Youtube TV as clear favorites, an even tie for most beloved service on the ship. Honorable mentions to Disney and HBO, but Hulu… nowhere to be found. Netflix has asserted boldly that they’ve been undervalued, and the sailors have spoken: Netflix might be right.

Even more clear is the least favorite, with 70% of the vote going to HBO Max. YouTube TV curiously in 2nd place, and Hulu (no one’s favorite) appearing as the third least used. This puts HBO Max under fire for certain.

Most important service(s) in multiple choice largely mirror results from the favorite service survey. Netflix and YouTube TV clear winners, but when not required to choose between the two Netflix pulls ahead slightly. Also in this result, Disney Plus crowned favorite of the least favorites, barely any love at all for Hulu and HBO.

In multiple choice for least important service(s) sailors again voted HBO walk plank while not a single sailor surveyed included Netflix as unimportant even slightly. This result even more clearly puts them ahead of even YouTube TV in member favor. There is no doubt. Netflix is king of the ship.

Netflix’s favor in the face of its price increases, and additionally the further preference for YouTube TV, makes clear that the crew feels the ship’s expense is worth the value, and that, perhaps, there may even be room still to grow. In fact, since the survey was posted more than one member of crew have suggested the inclusion of additional services, interested if the ship is aligned for expansion, rather than contraction.

So, let’s talk about that for a minute.

There are three mid-level streaming services to which the ship could yet port. By name:

AppleTV: 6.99/mo (approximately $1/member), home to novel Apple content like Ted Lasso and Prehistoric Planet.
Paramount+: 9.99/mo (approx 1.67/member for ad-free), some neat shows here but I think their real pull is Blockbuster movies. Top Gun features here alongside numerous other recent theatrical hits. The movie theme is so strong in fact that Paramount+ also offers a bundle with Showtime for even more theatre-level screening for only $3 more at $12.99/mo (2.16/member)
Peacock: $9.99/mo ($1.67/member). NBC’s native streaming service appears to provide some live content, and a slice of major sports.

Even combined these three additional services would only make a difference of about $5 per member per month. But will the crew love them? Or will they go the way of HBO Max? Speaking of which, what are we to do with HBO Max? Given its overwhelming unpopularity, should the ship and her crew really continue to bear her burden? This also lets put to a vote.

One more survey for you guys to settle the fate of HBO Max, and the question of these new streaming services as well. The votes for this survey will determine what stays, what goes, and what new we take on board (if any). Then I’ll run the math, construct new tiers and make my report.

Here’s the link:


Thank you all again for your participation!!

Happy Sailing