Caleb Roy

Web Development

Experienced in industry-leading full-stack frameworks and the development of large, complex web applications with a focus on user-experience, maintainability, and scalability.

Over the years I’ve coded functions for Excel, Google Sheets, Photoshop (yes, Photoshop can script),  Windows, and full-stack frameworks including Node/React and Python/Django, automating hundreds if not thousands of hours of tedious work and giving myself more time to game.

Web design can be easy now. You can design pages graphically, with drag-n-drop tools. I built this site, along with, Senpai’s Closet, and numerous others in WordPress and Elementor.

If you can manage your way around a word document you already have enough savvy to learn web-design yourself. I’ll show you how to take your first big leap in my quick-start video, only 5 minutes. Click here.


To be frank, Excel and Google Sheets are probably the most powerful and versatile applications I’ve know of. Their usefulness and applicability are limitless. You can build entire applications in Excel with a little knowledge and some patience. In time I may use this space to show some of what I’ve learned and made. For now: I’ve made a Tz’olkin planner app that you can download. Warning- this sheet is HEAVY and might drag on your pc a little.

Graphic Design

I’m at least adept in the Adobe software suite, with acute strengths in Photoshop and Illustrator. In 2020 I would consider at least some Photoshop an essential skill. How else will you make such fire memes?

Creative Writing

I’ve been writing my whole life. I don’t do it so often anymore but it’s one of the things I have really always loved to do. I’m told I’m not half bad at it. Want to judge for yourself? I’ve written a short fan-fiction recently about a game called Apex Legends. Have a read. (15 minutes)

Want me to do some stuff for you?

I probably won’t. I’m already busy. But if you’re desperate, or if your project is interesting enough, get in touch.